It is a great pleasure to look back to the year when Al Salama Group started in 1979 and remember the wonderful journey, successful developments, aspirations, and feel both proud and excited about the future.

As a growing regional healthcare provider, we aim to continue our growth and sustain our commitments to provide exceptional healthcare services for the benefit of our community.

Al Salama Group has been a leading healthcare provider in the region and has notably participated in inspiring our patients. We focus on attracting and maintaining highly qualified medical professionals with high international qualifications as well. We always secure state-of-the-art equipments and ensure that our medical and diagnostic facilities are consistently updated to meet international standards for the reliable and effective treatments of our patients.

Over the years, Al Salama Group has been showered with awards and accreditations such as ISO, Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, and JCI international accreditation. We are ambitiously driven to enhance this path and will continue our dedication and commitment to excellence in healthcare services for the people of this region regardless of their caste, creed or financial status.

Mr. Salem Aladawi

Al Salama Group